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Studio Technologies Introduces New Dante®-Compliant Audio Interfaces


SKOKIE, IL, DESANM 5, 2018 - Studio Technologies, manufacturer of professional audio, video and fiber-optic solutions, introduces the Modèl 5412 Audio Interface ak nan Model 5418 Mic/Line Interface, two new Dante-compliant solutions for applications that use Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) network connectivity. Both offer excellent audio performance along with unique features that support efficient installation and simple, reliable operation.

“Dante audio-over-Ethernet has found wide acceptance as an audio ‘backbone’ due to its ease of use, interoperability, excellent audio quality and wide adoption by a large number of equipment manufacturers,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “In response, we created these new Dante-compliant audio interfaces to complement our growing range of product offerings. Far from being just ‘me too’ analog/Dante interfaces, we included unique capabilities for customers who need to effectively support a range of applications and workflows.”

The Model 5412 supports analog line-level inputs and outputs, and is available in two versions – one with eight input and eight output channels, and the other with 16 input and 16 output channels. The Model 5412 uses 25-pin D-subminiature connectors for easy interfacing with balanced and unbalanced sources and destinations. Low noise, low distortion, and high headroom are key highlights to the audio performance of this unit. Troubleshooting features, including signal loop-back and tone generation, help to ensure successful deployment and operation.

The Model 5418 allows users to connect eight analog microphone or line-level sources, and then output the signals in the Dante digital domain by way of an Ethernet interface. In addition, eight audio channels that arrive via Dante are converted to analog and output as line-level signals. The eight mic/line audio inputs use standard three-pin female XLR connectors, which are located on the Model 5418’s front panel. The analog audio input signals are converted to 24-bit PCM digital and then transported via the Dante network interface. The unit offers excellent audio performance with adjustable preamplifier gain, high-pass filters, and P48 phantom power. Control of the operating parameters can be performed locally using the front-panel push-button switches, or remotely using the management web pages or ST controller software application. A monitor section allows both visual and audible observation of the input and output signals.

Both the Model 5412 and the Model 5418 are housed in compact, lightweight enclosures, which mount in one space (“1U”) of standard 19-inch racks. Power can be provided by 100-240 volts, 50/60Hz, or 12 volts DC with redundant operation supported. Both units include three Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces, two to support redundant Dante operation, and the third for accessing the management menu system. An internal web server allows fast and flexible monitoring, and configuration of many of the units’ audio and network parameters. In addition, front-panel indicators, a display, and pushbutton switches provide users with direct access to key configuration selections.

Konsènan Studio Technologies, Inc.

Studio Technologies, Inc ofri pwezante, wo-pèfòmans videyo, odyo ak fib optik pwodwi pou mache yo odyo pwofesyonèl ak difizyon. Te fonde nan 1978, konpayi an angaje nan desine ak fabrikasyon sérieux, pri-efikas, ak kreyatif solisyon pou emisyon estidyo, estad ak anviwònman antrepriz. Li te ye pou "desine pou fason travay pwofesyonèl yo," se konpayi a rekonèt kòm yon lidè endistri. Kategori pwodwi yo enkli fibre-optik transpò, entèrfon ak IFB interfaces, consoles anonse, ak sistèm kontwole kontwole kontwole. Yon liy k ap grandi nan pwodwi odyo-over-Ethernet ap resevwa rekonesans lajè. Pou plis enfòmasyon, tanpri vizite sit entènèt Studio Technologies nan Www.studio-tech.com Oswa rele 847.676.9177.

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